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Hi everybody and welcome to my website!

Ever since I can remember I always loved drawing, painting and making things with my hands. Growing up in Zimbabwe, I always really liked the local craftwork, and was inspired by all the different types of mesh you can find everywhere there made from bottle tops, cowrie shells, beads and wire.

When I was in school I took Art for A Level, and I used to spend nearly all my free time in the Art department painting and drawing, losing myself totally in whatever I was making. I guess it was there where I started to feel really inspired and learned how to channel this creativity into artistic projects.

I did a Diploma Course in Central Saint Martins where we explored different ways of how to express creativity, and thats where I became interested in making wearable pieces of art, and started experimenting with unusual materials - the first sculpture/dress I made from oyster shells. I took another Diploma course in History of Art with The London Art College which was really interesting, and then went travelling around Southern Africa.

When I was in South Africa near Durban, I did a chainmaille course and immediately knew I wanted to make jewellery and clothing from this amazing method of weaving with metal. I really love making clothing out of materials you would not usually wear. All mesh really inspires me, the feel of it is just so amazing, like wearing liquid metal.

I moved to Ibiza in 2010 and I design and make my pieces in my studio in the house where I live.

I hope you enjoy seeing my work!